About Us

The tale of 'Boronia Florist' begins in Sydney's Inner-South West,1987. Mrs. Odette Kannan, along with her supporting husband Joseph and their 8 children, decided to expand her already thriving business 'Odette's Florist' which she began 4 years previous and take over an existing shop under the title of 'Boronia Florist'.

Running her business in 2 locations became too demanding on the staff and herself, so Odette made a decision to amalgamate her two shops into one.

In 1992, Mrs. Odette Kannan passed on leaving behind a legacy as well as a business to her family.

Her husband -Joseph, Sons -Christopher and Peter and Daughter - Therese were left to continue Odette's dream. In 1998, Joseph joined his wife in eternal bliss and, in 2000, Therese and Christopher decided to sell 'Odette's Florist'.

In 2003, Therese re-opened 'Boronia Florist' and in 2006, opportunity presented itself through Therese's twin, Bernadette with an existing business for sale. That business was 'Business With Blooms Florist' and like her mother before her,Therese, with assistance of her husband Peter and daughter Amy, continued Odette's legacy set 20 years previous as well as making it 3 generations. Later that year, another of Odette's grand-daughters, Lana joined the team.

In 2009, Odette's dream lives through her daughter and grand children. Various other family members, like Bernadette, assist Therese and her staff when time presents itself.

'Business With Blooms Florist' and 'Boronia Florist', over the years, have become well recognised and acritical success with Therese winning over 12 awards in 25 years (5 in the past 4 years) all in the field of weddings, which makes Therese one of the most highly sort after florists for weddings and we are sure her professional success will continue in the years to come.

With 'Odette's Florist' beginning in 1983, expanding with 'Boronia Florist' in 1987 and again in 2006 with 'Business With Blooms Florist' one can only presume, with 3 generations and endless family members as well as the ever growing success of the staff lead by Therese, the best years of this magnificent dream are only beginning.

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