Wedding Price Guide

All prices are starting prices, and will vary due to peak season and types of flowers wanted for your wedding.

For an accurate quote for your wedding flowers please Contact Us to make an appointment or send us an email.

We also specialise in decorating houses for the wedding day.

Additional fees for delivery and setup apply.

Bridal Bouquet

Natural Stem From $100.00
Arm Sheaf From $100.00
Trail (Wired) From $120.00



Natural Stem From $80.00 each
Arm Sheaf From $80.00 each
Trail (Wired) From $100.00 each


Flower Girl

Posy From $45.00 each
Basket From $35.00 each
Ball From $45.00 each
Halo From $50.00 each


Hair Piece

Hairpiece on comb From $30.00 each
Individually single wired Flowers From $3.00 each



Groom From $8.50
Groomsmen From $7.50 each
Page Boys From $6.00 each
Fathers From $7.50 each
Guests From $7.50 each



Dress From $25.00 each
Wrist From $30.00 each
Bag From $30.00 each


Church / Ceremony

Frontal Altar Arrangements From $75.00 each
Signing Table From $45.00 each
Pews From $12.00 each
Petals From $45.00



Bridal Table Arrangement From $85.00
Bridal Table Display From $150.00
Guest Table Arrangement From $45.00 each
Guest Table Display From $80.00 each
Throwaway Bouquet From $35.00
Frontal Arrangements Foyer/Reception From $75.00 each
Cake Flowers From $45.00